About Stadler Picks

My plectrums are individually made in Berlin, Germany from specially selected Buffalo, Ox and Rams Horn. Each pick is designed on the computer to provide exceptional ergonomics and individually handfinished to offer superior tonal qualities, ultimate playing 'feel' and longest life.

Contrary to most horn picks available elsewhere i strive to make 'normal' player picks, trying to emulate the feel of the plectrums most players use, not huge chunky specialist things. Most great players, wether professional or not, tend to use picks that are just on the verge of flexibility and stiffness, with a thickness of around 1mm. Most intermediate players prefer a bit softer picks, with 'medium' gauge anywhere from 0.5mm to 1mm. So i strive to make picks that are similar in gauge/feel to what most players really want to play instead of making the picks thick and chunky so they're easier and cheaper to make.

The horn I use is 100% natural and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing and finishing process. Only the best quality horn cut from the solid part is used and not the flattened plates which are most commonly used to make horn plectrums. Solid, unflattened horn has a much more natural and lively response and sound and does not deform or break so easily.

Horn being a natural material the color and texture of the horn can vary a lot from one piece of horn to another. Wherever possible you will receive a piece that will have the same material and playing characteristics but the color and texture might vary from the picture in the shop.

Since each pick is made individually, all the picks on offer can of course be ordered in any number of different sizes, thickness, edge profiles and tip shapes. If you can't find what you are looking for in the shop don't hesitate to ask !

The plectrums are suited for any stringed instrument from guitar and bass to Mandolines, Bouzoukis and Ouds. If you are looking for some thing in particular don't hesitate to ask !

I hope you enjoy shopping here and come check back often.

Thank you
Christoph Stadler